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Board Minutes Dec 2015

Posted on December 8, 2015 in Board Meetings

Learning Unlimited
Board of Directors

Minutes of Meeting
December 8, 2015

Present: Alice Davis, Mariann Glynn, Shirley Hartt, Audra Hudek, Gerry Keating, John MacMillan, John Page, Roger Weaver, Glenn Yaffee.
Regrets: Loretta Fines, Ann McElhinney, John Bonsall.
Guest: none

1. Call to order: President Gerry Keating called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m.

2. Approval of minutes of last Meeting: November 10, 2015
Moved by Glen Yaffee and Roger Weaver that the minutes be approved. Carried

3. Business arising from the minutes:
Review of registration and fee privileges
Gerry asked that a brief discussion take place with the view that a presentation be made at the February meeting

The following information was put forth:
Board members
• Annual fee of $35 to be collected in March after the AGM
• Sit in on any lecture as long as there are seats available
• Pre-register significant other for a pre-set single day a week

Social members
• This refers to the members preparing and serving coffee etc at each meeting
• Team includes Board member Audra Hudek, 6 members, one team leader for a totoal of 7 : Audra would like to add one spare who would be in training thus bringing the total to 8
• Pre-register for specific day on which they volunteer
• Pre-register significant other who attends on the day on which they volunteer
• Pay for each course taken ie if volunteer for 2 days a week, pay $35 x 2

Curriculum Chair
• Free registration and sit on stage with presenter

AV team
• Pre-register for one day but can attend any day where services are required
• Pre-register significant other
• Team of 3 plus two board members. Usually three team members required per day as needed

Auditor (from Oct minutes…not mentioned at this meeting)
• Free in lieu of his work (not sure whether pre-registration is required)

Questions about history around pre-registration raised. No specific answer available. Mention made of old process of lining up on Sat morning.
New electronic system has improved this system
Alice commented that pre-registration is an onerous task
Further suggestions were made regarding the social volunteers who are away on extended vacations during their volunteer tenure. It was felt that volunteers should be more upfront about these and be surer of their commitment to LU

4. Correspondence: Gerry commented on how well John Sheppard conducted the November 11 ceremonies. He sent a thank you not on behalf of the Board. He also read Ann McElhinney’s thank you email for the get well flowers send to her from the Board

5: B.O.D. Meeting Schedule for the 2015-2016 year
October 20, November 10, December 8, January 12, February 9, March 8
A.G.M. March 22, 2016

6. Treasurer’s Report: See attached Treasurer’s Report.
John Page tabled a statement of revenue, expenses and change in net assets for the 11 months ending November 30, 2015. He noted the return to profitability due to a revenue increase and a reduction in the registration and printing expenses.
Moved by John Page and seconded by Alice Davis that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Carried

7. Committee Reports:

6.1 Audio Visual; Report attached. The AV computer has been replaced in early Dec at an aprox cost of $1500. It is a vast improvement and committee members are pleased.
A suggestion was made that the AV Committee have a float of $100 to cover incidentals.
The projector will need replacing during 2016. Committee members are starting to research this equipment.

6.2 Curriculum: Report Attached. The committee presented the course summaries for the fall 2016 lectures and some possible courses for Winter 2017.
One of the potential lecturers for Winter 2017 has asked for additional financial compensation. Shirley is to report back to this lecturer that the Board is reviewing our current fees and should be able to provide an answer by the end of January.
Roger agreed to contact TAN about fees of other learning lecture organziations. Our current fee of $250 per lecture was last increased three years ago. There is a $800 coordinators compensation of a fall series and $1000 for a coordinator of a winter series.

6.3 Fellowship: no report. Committee disbanded as per Nov minutes

6.4 Publicity: Ann McElhinney sent a brief report stating the following:
• The webmaster email address was monitored during the last registration periods and assistance was provided where needed.
• The website has been updated regarding the board minutes for the Oct 20, 2015 meeting, the TAN Notice and the update of the Tues Jan 19 lecture content
• The minutes of the Nov meeting of the board can be posted once approved.

6.5 Registration: the Winter registration is complete.
• Thurs sold out at 10:11 am
• Wed sold out at 11:03 am
• Tues still has openings Suggestion that registration be kept open for this day and an email notification be sent out about this. In addition, an announcement will be made at the remaining lectures to this effect
• In general members are finding the system works well and they are comfortable with the process

6.6 Social; No report but the shortage of volunteers for the winter 2016 Tuesday lecture was noted. Mention was made of the Xmas cakes donated by the Legion and being served. Thanks to John for his help in this regard

6.7 Third Age Network: Report attached.

6.8 Nominations Committee; no report.

8. New Business: none

9. Next Meeting: January 12,2016

9. Adjournment: Gerry Keating declared the meeting adjourned at 1:30.

Approved on_________________________

President____________________________ Secretary______________________

Committee Reports to the December 8 Board Meeting
The Curriculum Committee met on Thursday, Dec. 3.

Winter 2016 courses

Daft Craft
The Jan. 19 lecture has been replaced with “Crafting Wellness: Living Your Best Life” by Milijana Mladjan.The speaker for Feb. 9, John Potvin, is no longer available and the course coordinator will find a replacement. There was a discussion regarding expenses for Alla Myzelev, who is coming from Pennsylvania. Jo Ann reminded the committee members that the Board had passed a motion allowing the Committee to pay expenses up to $500 for a series. Any additional amount required Board approval.

Fall 2016 courses

Tuesday Defining Trends of the 21st Century David Olive
Topics include “China: rival to US as economic superpower,” “
“Alternative Energy,” and “Colonizing Space.”
Wednesday The Story Behind the Story: Books and the Silver Screen
Eliseo Zompanti (to be confirmed)
Thursday Influential Canadians Who Shaped the 20th C Dr. Daniel Laxer
Topics include Wilfred Laurier and Emily Carr.

Winter 2017 courses

Tuesday History of the Blues Dr. Rob Bowman (to be confirmed)
Prof. Bowman has asked if there is any flexibility on the
Wednesday “Spaces of Blue”: Moments of Humanity in a Turbulent Century
Bob Douglas Individuals who, through the arts, etc., stood up to
Thursday Making a Name for Ourselves Tim Nau and David Clandfield
Topics include “Changing Names of Places” and “Names in
The Curriculum Committee currently is investigating possible courses for fall 2017.

Submitted by Shirley Hartt
An email was received from a TAN committee asking if we were interested in participating in
exploring the use of using Skype to facilitate transmitting lectures. As they wanted an answer
within a few days I was unable to bring it to the board. I consulted with the president and past
president and we were all in agreement that we did not see any benefit to LU. A response was
sent to TAN.

Roger Weaver