A Brief History of Learning Unlimited

Learning Unlimited is in its 5th decade of providing university-level lectures for senior citizens in Etobicoke and beyond. In the mid 1970s we started with a small group seeking intellectual stimulation in retirement. Daytime lectures by leaders in various fields were aimed at deepening the understanding of the world around us. The first ad in the Etobicoke Guardian resulted in a response from 50 people. The formal launch in 1978 came with input from Humber College and Glendon College as well as a startup grant from the government program “New Horizons”. From that day onward, LU has been self-sustaining, paying its own way and making contributions to the community. The group moved to Fairfield Seniors’ Centre in 1983 and in 1987 it became The Corporation of Learning Unlimited for Etobicoke Seniors. The vision of a few people has developed into an outstanding organization run completely by dedicated volunteers offering mature adults the opportunity to “widen their horizons with Learning Unlimited”.

Learning Unlimited is a member of the Third Age Network (TAN) which is a 24 member organization representing 8,000 senior lifelong learners. TAN aims to assist organizations with plans to provide lectures for Seniors. TAN held their inaugural conference in the spring of 2013. The formation of a number of new groups in the Greater Toronto Area whose objectives are similar to those of LU is ongoing. We are cooperating in any way possible to support these groups as a means of meeting the wishes of seniors to continue with life long learning.