2022-2023 Proposed Board of Directors

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The Nominating Committee presents the following slate for election to the Board by the membership at the Annual General Meeting:

First Name Last Name Function
John Willson President
Deb Forsyth-Petrov Vice President
Betty Horton Treasurer
Glenn Yaffee Past President
Rich Bailey Corporate Secretary
Rosemary Tessier Recording Secretary
Judy McCormick Chair Curriculum
Roger Tessier Chair Technology
Audra Hudek Social Convenor
Jane Botsford Director at Large
Vacant Registrar
Vacant Director at Large

Nomination of members in good standing as candidates for election to the Board may also be made by members, provided each candidate’s nomination shall be endorsed by five (5) members and the candidate acknowledges in writing her/his willingness to stand and provided the written nomination shall be received by the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee not less than fourteen (14) days before the Annual General Meeting.

Anyone wishing to stand for election to the vacant positions should contact the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Glenn Yaffee, through the Registrar at registrar@learningunlimitedetobicoke.com.