“Planning for the Future” Survey — May 2021

Posted on September 2, 2021

Thank you to our members for helping LU complete our recent “Planning for the Future” survey. Here is the update:

One survey went to people who did not attend either of the two sessions, and another survey went to people who attended one or both of the two sessions.

Of the 1,212 surveys distributed, 307 went to non-attendees, and 905 went to those who attended ZOOM lectures.

General trends that we observed in both survey groups:

a) The majority of respondents prefer to watch a ZOOM webinar from home rather than at Fairfield Seniors’ Centre.

b) The majority of respondents are not prepared to pay more to attend a ZOOM webinar at Fairfield.

c) The majority do not see refreshments at Fairfield as a necessity to attend a lecture there.