Reference List: Glimpses into the Exotic

Sheila Benson

Sheila Benson in the Great War

At Internet Archive (

  • Portrait of Stella Benson by R. Ellis Roberts (1939)
  • Out of the Woodshed: a portrait of Stella Benson by Reggie Oliver (1998)

Alexandra David-Néel

Alexandra David-Néel: From Sikkim to Forbidden Tibet
Alexandra David-Néel & the Journey to the City of Lhasa

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  • Alexandra David-Neel: portrait of an adventurer by Ruth Middleton (1989)
  • Alexandra David-Neel: explorer at the top of the world by Earle Rice, Jr. (2004)

Freya Stark

Toward the Unknown Land--In the Company of Freya Stark "Nepal"
Freya Stark Explorer Lecture

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  • Freya Stark by Caroline Moorehead (1985)
  • Passionate Nomad: the life of Freya Stark by Jane Fletcher Geniesse (1999) - also available at Toronto Public Library

Peter Fleming

Peter Fleming: Chronicles of Adventure | Writers & Novelists Biography
Expedition Fleming: Writer, Traveller, Soldier, Spy

Internet Archive

  • Peter Fleming: a biography by Duff Hart-Davis

Ella Maillart

::: Ella Maillart ::: VOYAGE, VOYAGE
About Me (About traveller Carlos Griell replicating the journey that Peter Fleming and Ella Maillart took in China)

Chiang Yee

Chiang Yee: artist, poet and 'Silent Traveller'
Bringing a Book to life in NYC (A charming video that uses Chiang Yee’s The Silent Traveller in New York (1950) to explore the city in 2024)


Toronto Public Library

  • Chiang Yee: the silent traveller from the east: a cultural biography by Da Zheng (2010)
  • Chiang Yee and his circle: Chinese artistic and intellectual life in Britain 1930-1950 (2022)

Patrick Leigh Fermor

Patrick Leigh-Fermor~~Travellers Century
Artemis Cooper: Road Block-Why Patrick Leigh Fermor’s 'Time of Gifts’ Trilogy took so long to write
Patrick Leigh Fermor's "A Time of Gifts" with Artemis Cooper, Nick Hunt, and Colin Thubron


Toronto Public Library

Richard Scheuer

HUC Connect: Street Visions: Europe, 1934 - Photographs by Richard J. Scheuer
How a teenage photographer captured a vanishing world before the Holocaust